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  Delora Jones and Anita Montanile, London, May 2011.

Delora Jones moved to England in 1991, with only a flimsy understanding of British English but since then, she has learned and continues to learn British English.  She is a cookery writer and home-cook, and, for a number of years, edited and 'Americanized' other publishers' cookery (and other) books which were originally published in the UK, in preparation for their North American publication. 

Since 2015, Delora has been running Glencoe House B&B, so any cookery-writing she does now is pretty much limited to writing out recipes for her various ring-binders.  

She is available to give Cookery sessions in the Glencoe House kitchen, upon request (though sometimes there's no request at all -- she just says, 'Wanna see how the eggs puff up for fried rice?', and there follows an on the spot lesson).  Covid-19 precautions for this area mean that cookery sessions are suspended until further notice.

Delora has been a member of the Burton Civic Society since the last century, a society that exists to preserve  that which is good about Burton, and to improve that which is not.   In 2015,  after seeing a house extension cover the whole of a neighbour's back garden, blocking the light to another garden, she wrote an article for the Burton Civic Society newsletter, highlighting the fact that current planning laws regarding back-garden extensions want reining in.  

In 2012 and 2013, Delora, along with others, worked tirelessly to try to persuade Burton Council to reconsider their plans for Burton Market Hall and Market Square, but to no avail.  


To contact Delora, email dee@glencoehouse.co.uk


books written by Delora Jones


American Cooking in England* (GHP)

published: November 1998  
*All copies of American Cooking in England have now sold out.

The Pocketbook Guide to American Cooking in England (GHP)
published: November 1998

Measurements for Cooking -- An American Cook's Search for Clarity (GHP)
published: December 2011

In Middie's Kitchen -- Mid Sarchioto's Italian-American Family Recipes (GHP)
published: October 2013

are any future books in the works?

Leftover Recipes for B&B owners [working title] (GHP)
publication date:  this is now officially back-burner . . .  



After moving to England, she also learned about market towns and market shopping, and Burton market became her weekly source of high quality fruit & veg, fish, cheeses, etc, but no longer: the permanent outdoor market stalls (fruit & veg) have been demolished and the market hall (cheeses, fish, etc) has closed for refurbishment. Something else Delora learned about market towns is that if their council are determined to do something, that's the end of it. As of this writing, not one of Burton's former market hall traders will be returning when the market hall re-opens.  Friends of Burton Market