The Pocketbook Guide to

American Cooking in England

is a pocket-sized reference book 
that translates American food names
and measurements to British English.

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  • 4.99 UK, $8.75 US

  • 92 pages

  • 99 x 175mm (approx. 3-7/8" x 6-7/8")

  • 8 illustrations

The Pocketbook Guide to American Cooking in England is an abridged version of the main book, American Cooking in England.  It contains two principal sections:  a condensed Food Names section plus the full Measurements section from the main book (but no Recipes section).  

The Pocketbook Guide was initially designed as an aid to use when grocery shopping in the UK, but it's also very handy at the DIY shops (to convert metric measurements) and also as a quick reference right by the cooker (stove, US), for checking yet again what gas mark to use for 450F.

 Food Names   
This 60-page section translates American food names and supermarket items to British English, and offers advice regarding substitutes for American ingredients.  
The translations (or brief descriptions) are only of those American or American-named items one might have trouble finding when grocery shopping in England.  For example, it includes the British equivalent of shortening and says where to find it, but for oleo, it gives only the translation -- not the background behind the term, nor does it include descriptions of American dishes like clam chowder (these all appear in the main book).

The 19-page Measurements section contains equivalent weights and volumes (American; Imperial and metric), as well as other measures and guides such as egg sizes, can sizes, cream and milk fat-content charts (so you can find the rough equivalent to say, half & half), etc.

Author's note:  Although this book is titled The Pocketbook Guide to American Cooking in England, I think you will find many of its entries apply to other parts of the British Isles as well.  I used 'England' in the title rather than 'Britain' because that is where I live and that is the market I know (and the one the book is based on).  Scotland, Wales, and Ireland have their own foods and markets and titling the book 'in Britain' would have ignored this fact.  However, I have pointed out regional or national differences in food names or preparations whenever I've been aware of them.

Erratum:  Measurements section of Pocketbook Guide

Fluid Volume Conversions, page 75:
To convert from US pints to British pints, multiply by .8326645 (and not by 1.2009638, as it is in the book).  And to convert from British pints to US pints, multiply by 1.2009638 (and not by .8326645, as it is in the book).