American Cooking in England  is currently out of print.  However,
The Pocketbook Guide to American Cooking in England is available now.


Are you a British cook  
who'd like to understand cookery books written for the American market?

Or, are you an American or Canadian living in the UK  
who wants to know:  What's double cream?  Where's the canned chicken broth?
What's shortening called here (and where the hell is it)?  

If so, then American Cooking in England is for you.

Common American ingredients, such as graham cracker crusts, Crisco, and corn syrup, are not normally sold in British supermarkets, and the differences between American and British food names and cooking terms have long caused confusion. 

Also, many cookery books do not specify which pint or quart they mean and yet the differences between these measurements in the US & UK are significant:

in the US, a fluid pint = 16 ounces, and a quart = 32 ounces;
in the UK, a pint* = 20 ounces and a quart** = 40 ounces

* The British fluid pint and dry pint are equal; 
the American fluid and dry pints are not equal (the American dry pint is closer in volume to the British pint).

** Nowadays, quarts are not a commonly-used unit in the UK, so if a contemporary book refers to quarts, it's probably American.           

In 1991, when Delora Jones (an American) moved to England, she faced this confusion.  Two years later she started researching the subject and translating American cooking ingredients, measurements and recipes to British English.  In November 1998, her books American Cooking in England  and The Pocketbook Guide to American Cooking in England  were published.  

Since then she's worked 'Americanizing' cookery books for the US market, which were originally written for the British market.  To do this, she created and worked from three documents:  British-to-American words & terms; British-to-American food names; and British-to-American food measurements.  These documents grew over the years and in 2005, she began editing the measurements document with a mind to publishing.  This document became the basis for her new book Measurements for Cooking. 


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