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Cookery sessions are currently on hold.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, cookery sessions are limited to one person per session
(or two people, if they're from the same household).

Cookery sessions in the Glencoe House kitchen are comprised of the following:
sessions to accommodate up to about 4 people (not available during pandemic)
one-on-one cookery sessions, arranged on an individual basis.  

The one-on-one cookery sessions are bespoke sessions, to teach you how to create the sorts of foods you want  to learn to make.  They typically last 2 hours.

The cost-per-head of the sessions varies, based on the cost of ingredients, but figure on roughly 10/hour.

Some cookery session topics:

CONTROLLING ONE'S WEIGHT how to make readymeals, and some lower-calorie treats, including:
homemade jellies using gelatine or, if vegetarian/vegan, using agar (v)
making/freezing your own readymeals so you've something tasty, cooked and ready when you get home
chocolate mousse (ingredients: chocolate, egg whites, sugar [142 kcal/serving])
popcorn (if it's not drowned in melted fat, it's not high in calories)

LIVING ON A BUDGET some tricks & tips & recipes to guide you, including:
making your own Chinese takeaways and making fried rice from leftover rice
making pancakes so versatile for sweet or savoury fillings; they freeze well, and defrost quickly
Leftovers are an ingredient! Use them to create something you'll actually want to eat.
the freezer what freezes well and what doesn't

If there is a specific food or a particular technique you'd like to learn, contact Dee to propose a lesson.
Dee currently runs a small B&B, so contact her in plenty of time.

To request a cookery session, ring Dee on 01283 355106 or email

A number of reference books are used in the creation of these sessions, such as The Ballymaloe Cookery Course (D. Allen), Measurements for Cooking (D. Jones; GHP publ.), A Kitchen Primer (C. Claiborne), The Key to Chinese Cooking (I. Kuo) and The Chinese Kitchen and Chinese Cookery Secrets (Deh-ta Hsiung), amongst others.  Any Glencoe House Publications (GHP) books used in the creation of these cookery sessions may be purchased at half-price by those attending the sessions.




Making your own Chinese takeaway dishes

 This series includes not only how to cook Chinese dishes but also 
the foundations one needs in order to cook Chinese with ease, such as: 

-- How to write out a recipe from a book/magazine so it's easy to follow;
-- How to wash up as you cook, so you're not left with a mess at the end;
-- How to prep and stir-fry veg in the correct order (most dense to least dense);
-- Leftover dishes, e.g., egg fried rice (uses cold, cooked rice);
-- Which Chinese foods freeze well (e.g., cooked noodles), and which don't (e.g., stir-fried courgettes).


Prep for broccoli & carrot black bean stir-fry



Attending Glencoe House cookery sessions entitles you to half-price discounts on the following:

Measurements for Cooking 
(RRP 27.99; half-price is 14.00)

In  Middie's Kitchen 
(RRP 18.74; half-price is 9.37)

The Pocketbook Guide to American Cooking in England
(RRP 4.99; half-price is 2.50)

You may take advantage of this offer for up to one month after your cookery session has finished.
If those books require posting, P&P will be added to the half-price book cost.