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Title:  Measurements for Cooking

Subtitle An American Cook's Search for Clarity

Author Delora Jones

Publisher Glencoe House Publications (Burton upon Trent)

Publication date:  15 December 2011

Format A5, wirobound 'half-Canadian', 9 tab dividers, 284 pp incl. front matter (274pp printed black; 10pp colour), 14 colour photos & 6 b&w photos


About the book

Measurements for Cooking is a cookery reference book, designed to help you convert from one method of measure to another, e.g., from cups to grams and vice versa. Cups, pints, millilitres & litres are measures of volume they measure the physical space an item takes up; ounces, pounds, grams and kilograms are measures of weight they measure an item's heaviness.

The book's make up

Main section:
The List of Ingredients comprises the main section of the book and gives the cup and 100g equivalents for 126pp of food ingredients, often given in configurations such as chopped, sliced, grated, etc. For example,

1 cup grated fresh Parmesan = about 70g; 100g grated fresh Parmesan = 11/2 cups;
1 cup uncooked rice = about 180g; 100g uncooked rice =
1/2 cup plus 1 Tbsp;
1 cup grated raw potato = about 135g; 100g grated raw potato = about

Also sprinkled throughout this section are helpful tips, such as how to make a roux; the differences between yellow lentils (some take longer to cook); etc., plus helpful aids such as a photo of a hand holding 7g of carrageen the amount called for in carrageen moss pudding.

Next 9 sections of the book:
these sections are tabbed, for easy reference, and are in 3 groups 
(click on the group below for more details):

1st group



2nd group


Fl. Oz.



3rd group

Butter Flour Sugar charts

Eggs Milk Cream charts

US Measures

Final sectionMeasuring Tools & Definitions, Pan Sizes, etc. (11pp) lists, in addition to pan sizes, helpful things such as bar measures (e.g., jigger, shot, pony); dry pints & fluid pints; measures called for in older recipes (e.g., breakfast cup, teacup, wine glass); and also the minutes & seconds symbols some cooks used these as shorthand in their recipes, so it's helpful to know which is which.

Index: The Index (16pp) is extensive; if you don't know where to find something, check the Index if it's in the book, it'll most likely be in the Index.


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