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Measurements for Cooking
An American cook's search for clarity


We rely so heavily on Measurements for Cooking, I honestly don't think we could 
cope here without it.

--Julia Charles, Editorial Director, Ryland Peters & Small

I recommend it for anyone who is enthusiastic about cooking and ...
Delora Jones has compiled a very thorough book with everything you need to know as an editor or keen cook who wants to convert American cup measurements to UK weights and volumes, or vice versa. I recommend it for anyone who is enthusiastic about cooking and who has been exploring US recipes. Cup measurements can be a bit of a minefield for British users, especially since UK cups are actually a different measurement from US cups. The book is spiral-bound, which makes it very handy to use without it shutting while you are using it for reference. All in all, an excellent book and great value.
--Jan Cutler, writer, copy editor and proofreader, specialising in books on cookery, diet and self-help,
Belerion Communications [this review originally appeared on Amazon]

Anyone who has had anything to do with converting to and from American cups - whether simply for everyday cooking or professionally - will know that there is a vast range of supposedly authoritative equivalents out there. In fact, it's one of very few things I've become reluctant to Google, since I can be pretty sure I'll get a different answer everywhere I look. So having a single volume with a consistent strategy, which gathers together all this information couldn't be more useful. The level of detail and precision in the book is nothing short of astonishing, and I think the likelihood of finding something that isn't in there is pretty slim. So if you are an American in the UK, a Brit abroad, or working in any way on converting weight to volume for culinary purposes, you should have this book on your shelf.
--Wendy Hobson, cookery writer and editor

I just wanted to say that Dee's "Measurements for Cooking" is my absolute bible when translating American movie stars' favourite recipes from cups to metric.
I am currently triple checking 52 recipes destined for the Silver Screen Suppers cookbook . . . with the book by my elbow. I call it "doing a Delora".
--Jenny Hammerton, Eating and drinking like the stars of yesteryear...
Silver Screen Suppers and The Vincentennial Cookblog

Thank you so much for sending the wonderful vade mecum book which will be invaluable!  The huge amount of work and care that must have gone into the book impresses me no end.
--Sara Harris, Brighton

Finally I can find out what a gill is or a stick of butter. I fully understand the weight of a cup and I can convert all of those into metric or imperial. This book has been a saviour. No more wasting time wondering how to measure a cup of butter and do I pack the measure for sugar? Just about every kitchen food commodity you can think of is weighed and converted, US to UK or UK to US weights and volumes. There are a few recipes in this book but that's not really what it's about, it is technical and invaluable for that. It's so easy to follow and makes using American recipes effortless. I use it all the time.
--'Glamorous Glutton'
[this review originally appeared on Amazon]