The Cool Chile Co. delivers to the UK and Europe, and is also sold in Sainsburys.

Some examples of the chiles (and other foods) The Cool Chile Co. have stocked/do stock:
(note:  check their web or ring 0870-902-1145
to confirm the item you want is still something they stock)
Whole dried chiles [their heat scale appears in brackets, with 0 being no heat, and 10 being the hottest]:
ancho (dried poblano) – sweet & fruity [3 out of 10]; cascabel (little rattle) – nutty woody flavour [4 out of 10]; chilhaucle negro – intense fruity flavour, dark purple in colour [4 out of 10]; chipotle (smoked jalape๑o) – smokey nutty flavour [6 out of 10]; costeno amarillo – light lemon flavour, yellow in colour [4 out of 10]; de arbol – fresh flavour and searing heat; great for adding heat to oils and vinegars [8 out of 10]; guajillo (little gourd) – green tea flavour [3 out of 10]; habanero – intense aroma and heat [10 out of 10]; mulato – similar to ancho chiles, but with smokier taste and a bit of liquorice [3 out of 10]; New Mexico red – clean heat, and sweet, fruity flavour [2 to 4 out of 10]; pasado – roasted & peeled; it tastes like it's been toasted with apple, celery, and citrus flavours [3 out of 10]; pasilla (little raisin) – tastes of dried fruit with a bit of liquorice, and herby woody tones [4 out of 10]; pasilla de Oaxaca – a smoked pasilla chile, a speciality of the Oaxaca region [7 out of 10]; piquํn (flea chile) – hot and searing, with flavours of corn and nuts; good to add to vinegars and oils [8 out of 10]; choricero – extremely sweet & mild [0 to 1 out of 10]; guindilla – medium-hot, with a sweet flavour [3 out of 10]; ัora – sweet, fruit flavour [1 to 2 out of 10]; aji amarillo – fruity flavour and berry tones; pale orange [7.5 out of 10]; aji mirasol – berry flavour; reddish colour [2 to 3 out of 10]; aji panca – berry flavour; dark brown [1.5 out of 10]. Pure powdered chiles: ancho powder [3 out of 10]; caribe [3 out of 10]; crushed green jalape๑os – sweet fiery flavour; great in salsas, cornbread, jellies [7 out of 10]; New Mexico red powder [3 out of 10]; smoky chile powder, hot [4 out of 10]; smoky chile powder, sweet [0 out of 10]; pasilla powder [4 out of 10]; jalape๑o powder – sweet at first, followed by a powerful kick at the end; pale green in colour [5 out of 10]; aji amarillo powder [7 out of 10]. Miscellaneous: dried avocado leaves – aniseed nutty flavour; use in mole verde, pipian rojo, or refried beans; achiote powder – ground annatto seeds, mixed with chile, herbs & spices; mix with citrus juice or spices to make a meat marinade [4 out of 10]; Bowl o' Chili spice mix – chile powder, herbs & spices for chili, with or without meat; [4 out of 10]; dried corn husks – for wrapping tamales; cocoa powder Mexican style – with sugar, cocoa, ground almonds, and cinnamon; use for hot drinks and mole sauces; yellow masa harina – ground, treated corn – use for tortillas, tamales, and breads; blue masa harina – ground, naturally blue, treated corn; turns dark purple when fried; pozole – treated, whole huskless, dried corn; used in soups & stews; Mexican oregano – more pungent and weedier flavoured than regular oregano; great in chili con carne; tinned tomatillos; tangy chile salt – use as a dry rub for meats & fish before baking/grilling; also good as a wicked margarita salt rim, or to sprinle on foods, esp. good on avocados; guindilla, ัora, or choricero ristra -- decorative strings of chiles, 750mm long; you can eat them, too; Powdered mole pack – 2 large tins: one containing a mixture of chile powders (120g), nuts and spices; the other containing Mex. style cocoa (120g), bound in a yellow net; 'The Holy Trinity' – the classic chile trio: whole ancho (40g), mulato (40g) & pasilla (20g), plus 60g of Mex. style cocoa, and 40g spice mixture, packed in an acetate box with a recipe; Black bean chili kit – all the dry ingredients to make a meat or meatless bowl o' red, including black beans (500g), spices mix (40g), dried New Mex. red chiles (60g), and a recipe sheet – serves 6; Starter packs: Hot pack – chipotle (40g), de arbol (20g), birdseye (50g) & habanero (20g); Mild pack – ancho (40g), mulato (40g), pasilla (60g), & cascabel (30g); all packed in acetate with recipes; Powder pack – 4 small lever-lid tins, in a yellow net, and containing ancho (60g), pasilla (60g), New Mexico (60g), and sweet smokey (60g) chile powders; Spice pack – 4 small lever-lid tins, in a yellow net, and containing achiote mix (70g), caribe (50g), tangy chile salt (100g), and hot smokey (60g) chile powders, with recipes.




















Fortnum & Mason  For opening hours, click here.

Some examples of American foods Fortnum & Mason have stocked/do stock: 
(note:  best to ring to confirm the item you want is still something they stock [0207-734-8040])

Items they've stocked in the past include rye whiskey; unsweetened baking chocolate; graham crackers; tinned pumpkin; grape jelly; corn syrup (light); white marshmallows; and more.   













Harrods For their hours, click here to connect to the correct page on Harrod's web.

Some examples of American foods Harrods have stocked/do stock: 
(note:  best to ring to confirm the item you want is still something they stock [ 0207-730-1234])
Items they've stocked in the past include freshly-baked bagels; doughnuts; pecan pie (but only during Thanksgiving); pumpernickel and rye breads; yellow crook-neck squash; sweet potatoes (orange-fleshed); rye whiskey (Canadian Club); beef jerky; pastrami; Oreos; Hershey's syrup; Betty Crocker cake mixes; Bisquick; Blue Diamond nuts; Mezzetta peppers, okra, nacho chips, sweet bananas, etc.; El Rio Mexican sauces; Tabasco sauce; Chef Paul Prudhomme's seasoning blends; Spice Island spices; rennet; kasha; molasses; tinned pumpkin; pancake mixes (Aunt Jemima) and syrups (Citadelle - Canadian); cream of wheat; grape jelly; Gold Medal all-purpose flour; corn syrup (light); white marshmallows; and more.













Lupe Pinto's  

Some examples of the foods Lupe Pinto's have stocked/do stock: 
(note:  check their web or ring 0131-228-6241 to confirm the item you want is still something they stock)

Items they've stocked in the past include various American foods, such as: bagels; Hershey's and Reese's candies; Ben & Jerry's ice creams; pickles; salsas; Betty Crocker products; root beer; smoothies; plus Mexican and Spanish foods, including: tortillas; masa harina; tortilla chips; Monterey Jack cheese; sour cream; tomatillo; chiles & spice blends; home-made burritos; taco shells; Mexican beer; tequila (over 20 varieties); Triple Sec frozen lime; chorizo; manchego; jamon serrano; Spanish wines; and more.  














Panzer's Delicatessen  For their opening hours, click here.  

Some examples of American foods Panzer's have stocked/do stock:
(note:  check their web to confirm the item you want is still something they stock)
Items they've stocked in the past include fresh bagels (6 types, baked fresh daily); Kraft macaroni & cheese; Hebrew National hot dogs; Brick Oven beans; Valleria black bean & red bean soups; Cheerios; cream of wheat; Hershey's syrup; Hershey's bittersweet & semi-sweet baking chocolate, also butterscotch and semi-sweet chocolate chips; Baker's unsweetened chocolate; Baker's coconut; Gold Medal flour; Stovetop stuffings; Jolly Time microwave popcorn; corn syrup; Crisco; pure maple syrup; Aunt Jemima pancake & cornbread mixes, and pancake syrups; Bisquick; yellow corn meal; instant grits; Progresso bread crumbs; Hunt's tomato sauce; vanilla extract; marshmallow fluff; white marshmallows; tinned pumpkin; tinned yams; Lipton onion soup mix; S&W pitted black olives; Pam spray oil; Bacos; Shake 'n' Bake; Betty Crocker cake mixes & frostings; Duncan Hines cake mixes; pecans; Jello; Arm & Hammer baking soda; masa harina; taco shells; tortillas; taco sauce; whole green chiles; refried beans; Pace salsas; taco seasoning mix; Rio Pacific chile con carne; salsa verde; peach salsa; etc.

Also various pickles, relishes, & sauces, including Heinz sweet relish and hamburger dill slices; sweet gherkins; Kosher style dill pickles; Heinz chili sauce; Vermont 'lite' salad dressings; Ocean Spray cranberry sauce & jelly; etc.

In the cookies, snacks, and candies category, they carry: Oreos, Graham crackers; Honey grahams; Saltines; Triscuits; Snackwells; bagel chips; Harry's sour dough pretzels; Pepperidge Farm cookies, also 'goldfish'; Cape Cod cranberry cookies & chocolate chip cranberry cookies; NY flat breads; regular & nacho corn chips; flavoured mini rice cakes; Hershey bars; Cookies 'n' creme; Peanut butter cups; fruit roll ups; Fruit by the Foot; Rice Krispies Treats; String Thins; M&Ms; Tootsie Roll Pops; candy canes; jelly beans; Amazin (flavoured) raisins; Squeeze Cheese; Skippy peanut butter (smooth & crunchy); grape jelly; Swiss Miss chocolate mallows; etc.

They also carry a selection of drinks, including: Dr Pepper (reg. & diet); Martinellis apple juice; Snapple sodas & iced teas; Gatorade; Clamato juice; cranberry juice; Michelob; Miller; Rolling Rock; Sol; Bud Ice (& reg. Bud); Mr & Mrs T Bloody Mary mix; Jardine's margarita mix; Jack Daniel's and Jim Beam bourbons; and a selection of excellent California wines.

Their non-food items include: Dove soap; Fantastik; Spray & Wash; Twinkle copper cleaner; Cameo stainless steel cleaner; and Clorox.

For further information:













Partridge's of Sloane Street Ltd.  For their opening hours, click here.   

Some examples of American foods Partridge's have stocked/do stock:
(note:  check their web to confirm the item you want is still something they stock):

Items they've stocked in the past include:
Sweets and syrups
  Hershey's Miniatures; Hershey bar with almonds; Hershey's Kisses Milk Chocolate, and also Cookies 'n' Cream; York Peppermint Patties; Nabisco Fudge-covered Oreo Cookies, Oreo Double Stuff Chocolate Cookies, and Mini Oreos, Nilla Wafers, Fig Newtons, Teddy Grahams and Chocolate Teddy Grahams, plus Grahams, Honey-made Grahams, and Honey-made Cinnamon Grahams;  Reese's Pieces; Areca Clic Clac Candies; fruit roll-ups; Smucker's ice cream toppings; Hershey's syrup (also hot fudge sauce);  
Cooking ingredients, mixes, dressings: 
vanilla extract; Spice Island spices & herbs; Lowrey's herbs & spices (eg, Lemon Pepper, Red Pepper seasoned salt with Tabasco); El Rio whole green chiles; Rotel Diced Tomato & Green Chiles; Anchor Bar Buffalo Chicken Wing Sauce; Nestle white, butterscotch, and semi-sweet chocolate chip morsels; Baker's unsweetened chocolate squares (baking chocolate); Duncan Hines Chewy Fudge Brownie mix; Betty Crocker cake & frosting mixes, fudge brownie mix, muffin mixes, cookie mixes, and Bisquick; Aunt Jemima pancake mix, and cornbread mix; Betty Crocker hash browns; Bacos; Pace Picante sauces; S&W wild rice; S&W lima beans; Kraft Macaroni & Cheese; tinned chicken broth; Hunt's tomato sauce and tomato paste; Stovetop stuffing mix for chicken; Hidden Valley Original Ranch salad dressing; Lipton French Onion Soup Mix; Gold Medal All-purpose flour; rennet; molasses; corn syrup (both dark & light); white marshmallows; tinned pumpkin; tinned yams in syrup; cream-style corn; B&M Brick Oven baked beans; Pam non-stick spray; Canola oil; Progresso Italian-style  and plain bread crumbs;
Clamato juice; Margarita mix (Texarita); Bloody Mary mix (Texarita); rye whiskey; root beer; 
Breads, fresh produce, and miscellaneous items
freshly-baked bagels; pumpernickel bread; escarole lettuce (aka batavia); sweet potatoes (orange-fleshed); dill spears and kosher dills; Heinz sweet pickles, hamburger dill chips, and also sweet relish; El Rio dipping salsas; Heinz cocktail sauce;  Saltines; beef jerky; pancake syrups; cream of wheat; Quaker Instant Oatmeal packets, also instant grits; Kellogg's Fruit Loops, Apple Jacks, and other cereals; Cheerios, Lucky Charms, Cap'n Crunch, and other cereals cereals; marshmallow fluff; Welch's grape jelly; Jif creamy (also extra chunky) peanut butter; Chicken of the Sea solid white tuna; apple sauce; cranberry sauce; and more.

For further details:













From Peppers by Post, you may order packs of fresh chillies when in season (usu. late July to November).  

Some examples of fresh chillies that Peppers by Post have shipped/do ship:
(note:  check their web to confirm the chilli you want is available)

Poblano/Ancho – mildly hot, slightly heart-shaped, up to 4" long and 2-3" wide (used in chiles rellenos). Three per pack. Thai hot – extremely hot, small, 1/2" long (used in stir fries, & vegetable dishes such as sliced cabbage marinated in lime or vinegar). Minimum 20 per pack (so small they're sold on their branches). Habanero – reputedly the hottest chilli. Salmon-orange, up to 1-1/2" long and 1" wide, and with a fruity, somewhat tropical aroma. Four per pack (note: these chillies are usually not ready until mid-August). Serrano – small, bluntly-pointed hot chillies, 1-2" long (used in salsas, guacamole, pico de gallo, & salsa de tomate verde, which also uses tomatillos). Ten per pack. Spanish Frying Chilli -- hot, thin-fleshed, and excellent for frying with anything, these chillies have a very irregular shape, though roughly similar to the shape of miniature bell peppers.  They can be anything from 3 to 5 inches long, and 1 to 2 inches wide.  Five per pack.  Hungarian Hot Wax – medium hot, up to 5" long and 1" wide, golden orange and red when mature (recommended for frying, stuffing, or making into a roast pepper salad). Jalape๑o – hot, thick-fleshed, torpedo-shaped, 2-3" long (used in salsas, and sliced into rings for nachos and pizza toppings; also used in cornbread and jalape๑o jelly). Six per pack. Cherry – hot, thick-fleshed, almost round, over an inch in diameter, red when mature (used in salads and pickles, also stuffed with meat or cheese filling). Five per pack. Yellow cayenne – among the hottest, and nothing like the normal cayenne. Its colours range from yellow to orange, then red when mature. Five per pack. Also available is a 'Mixed Chilli Bag', containing a mixture of some old favourites plus a few new types that aren't listed in the main catalogue. 

In addition they grow fresh tomatillos, also known as Mexican green tomatoes, which are closely related to the Chinese lantern and Cape gooseberry, and are used at the green stage of maturity. These are round, an inch or more in diameter, and surrounded by a paper-like husk. They are an important ingredient in salsa verde.