Cooking oils, mayonnaise, creams, etc.
listed in descending calorie order:


calories (kcal) per:


US cup

serving, or per typical amount called for in recipe

cooking oils (e.g., olive oil, corn oil, peanut oil)

120 kcal

1,920 kcal

360 kcal per 3 Tbsp.


100 kcal

1,600 kcal

200 kcal per 2 Tbsp.

double cream [UK]

66 kcal

1,054 kcal

200 kcal per 3 Tbsp.

sweetened condensed milk [US]

61 kcal

982 kcal

1,718 kcal per 14 oz. can [400g]

heavy cream [US]

51 kcal

821 kcal

154 kcal per 3 Tbsp.

sweetened condensed milk [UK] 
(8% fat)

46 kcal

742 kcal

1,290 kcal per 397g tin
[14 oz.]

calories for double cream and UK condensed milk from product labels; 
calories for oil, mayonnaise, heavy cream and US condensed milk based on those given in Craig Claiborne's Gourmet Diet, Times Books, 1980


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